T++ Premium Edition


Salient Features
Advanced Features only in T++
Project Accounting
Advanced Inventory Management
Order Processing
Item Kit for Computer Resellers
Manufacturing Process
Retail Point of Sale (POS)
Value Added Tax (VAT)
Letter and Printing
T++ Invoicing


Salient Features
  • Hassle Free One Time License Activation
  • Complete Book-keeping
  • Data Import / Export from Tally® and Microsoft Excel®
  • Multi Location / Home / Office Data Syncronisation
  • Flexible Financial Year
  • Single click Export of reports to MS Excel / HTML / TXT format
  • Drill Down Display of Voucher from Report
  • Multi Currency - allows more than 2 currencies in a single voucher
  • Advanced Commission Tracking - On Total Sales, Item Wise, On Realisation
  • Sales, Purchase Invoicing with Customisable Printing
  • Flexible Voucher Numbering
  • Flexible Classification of Account Heads
  • Barcode Printing and Tracking
  • Invoice, Voucher and Cheque Printing
  • Columnar Reports
  • Unlimited level of grouping of Accounts and Stock Item
  • Open Multiple Windows at a time
  • Create and Maintain any Number of Companies
  • Multi Ledger Account printing
  • VAT Invoicing and Computation with VAT Forms (state specific)
  • TDS / TCS / Service Tax / FBT calculation and reports
  • Simple Short cut Keys
  • Enticing Looks
Advanced Features only in T++
  • Unique Home Page - instant snapshot of ones Business
  • Unique Reports Gallery - single click access to all reports
  • Advanced Point Of Sale (POS)
  • Excise for Trading and Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing with Process based tracking
  • Project / Job Accounting
  • Serial Number Tracking
  • Warranty Tracking
  • Item-wise Cost Center
  • Detailed Commission Tracking - On Sales, Item Wise, & Realisation
  • Commission calculation by Agent and Auto Booking of Commission
  • Depreciation Calculation (Straight Line Method, Written Down Value method and as per Income Tax Act)
  • Unlimited Item Attributes - like Size, Colour, Brand, etc. for garment / shoes industries and supermarkets
  • Smart List & Pivot Report (Business Intelligence Reporting)
  • Attractive Charts with more than 50 layout and 1100 styles
  • Memorised Vouchers
  • Export of Invoice and Vouchers to Microsoft Excel
  • Quick Mode Payment & Receipt entry
  • Photo and Attachment in Ledger and Item
  • Set Default Printer and Template for a Voucher Type
  • Transaction / Item / Ledger History Reports
  • Auto generation of Price List from existing Price List
  • Direct E-mail of Reports
  • Price List - Multiple Price-levels with applicability period
  • MRP List
  • Save As... feature for faster master creation
  • Multiple Addresses for a Ledger - like Billing, Shipping, Statement
  • Outlook style Address & Phone list printing
  • Day Scheduling and Reminder with Calendar
  • Single Click generation of Invoice from Order
  • Auto-Backup of data
  • Year-wise Data Backup and Restore
  • Manufacturing journal displays the qty in hand and the order pending so how much you have to create also the capacity to create the item on the basis of the available raw material
  • Automatic Allocation of expenses periodically
  • Keyboard functionality similar to Tally® hence no training required
Payroll *
  • Pay Slip generation
  • Employee Profile with Remuneration structure
  • Group employees by Department, Location, Grade, Designation, Category
  • Gratuity, PF, ESIC, Leaves calculation
  • Employee Loan and its Repayment Detail
  • Daily Attendance Register on Hourly or Production of unit basis
  • Multiple Allowance / Deduction and formula for its calculation
  • Visa, Passport, Contract details and lot more.
  • Export to Microsoft Excel
  • Integrated with books of account
  • All books of account
  • Consolidation of Companies
  • VAT Enabled
  • Multi Currency
  • Receivable and Payable
  • Cost Center / Profit Centre
  • Depreciation
  • Cash Flow / Funds Flow
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Budgets and Scenarios with Variance Analysis
  • Comparative and Trend Analysis
  • Sales / Purchase Analysis
  • Ledger History
  • Advanced Audit Reports
  • Interest Calculation (Multiple Slabs based on Amount & Days)
  • Outstanding Receivable and Payable Ledger wise / Group wise
  • Multi Ledger account printing
  • Receipt and Payment Report for NGO?s
  • Cash / Bank Summary
  • Columnar Registers - Sales, Purchase, Credit Note, Debit Note
  • Ledger Payment Performance
Project Accounting
  • Very simple and easy to maintain
  • Unlimited level of nesting of Projects
  • Track Project Status - like Work In Progress, Completed, On Hold
  • Maintain Start and End date of Project
  • Maintain Budget for the each Project and Variance report with %
  • Project to Project Comparison Report
  • Payment / Receipt report
Manufacturing Process *
  • Track Manufacturing Orders (MOs) from start to finish
  • Multiple Routings for a an Item
  • Input / Output material setup at all Sequence/ Process level
  • Issue To and Receipt from Production
  • Production Forecasting
  • Product Costing and Variance Analysis
  • Employee detail
  • Advanced Data Analysis Reporting
  • Machine efficiency and usage tracking process tracking from the root level to finish goods
Retail Point of Sale (POS)
for Super market, General / Garments / Shoes Stores
  • Integrated with Accounts and Inventory
  • Enticing Entry Screen
  • Fast Data Entry and Calculation
  • Barcode Enabled (31 barcode symbology supported)
  • Barcode Sticker / Label Printing
  • Flexible Pricing Options
  • Filter Items based on Departments
  • Accept payment in Multiple Currencies,
  • Multiple Tender Type - Cash, Credit card, Debit card and Cheque
  • Support Multi Mode Payment
  • Automatic display of Substitute Items if stock is negative
  • View Image / Attached documents of item during entry
  • Hold a voucher and Recall later
  • Allow Return of goods in invoice
  • Easily track your Customers
  • Customer Shipping Address
  • Displays Customers total saving in invoice
  • Quick access to important Reports
  • Daily Sales Report - Agent-wise, User-wise, Tender type-wise
  • Specify description of item for printing in invoice
  • View Inventory with Color, Size, Style, etc. Grid
  • Salesman Commission tracking
  • Serial Number Tracking
  • Supports plain and pre-printed stationary, roll paper, cut sheet, Thermal paper
T++ Invoicing
  • Invoice printing with Logo
  • DOS mode printing of Vouchers and Invoice
  • Voucher printing
  • Pre-printed Invoice format
  • Multiple Invoice Templates
  • Automatic Round-off in Invoice
  • Export of Invoice and Voucher to Microsoft Excel
  • Excise Invoice, Commercial Invoice, Tax Invoice, Export Invoice
  • Set separate Printer and Number of Copies for each Voucher Type
Advanced Inventory Management
  • All Books of Inventory
  • Accurate Stocks Valuation on various Methods (LIFO, FIFO, Average, Last Purchase Price, Standard Rate & Zero Cost)
  • Stock Group & Stock Categories
  • Multiple Godowns / Locations
  • Multi location stock report
  • Track Additional Cost of Purchase
  • Stock Items classification as Raw material, Work In Progress, Finish goods
  • Batch-wise / Lot-wise with Expiry Date handling
  • Serial No. and Warranty with warranty status report
  • Item Picture and Attachment
  • Item Packaging and Supplier detail
  • Commission Tracking, item-wise
  • Item Kit (package a set of products)
  • Unlimited Item Attributes like Size, Color
  • Multiples Units of Measure & Tail Units
  • Units without conversion ratio for use in Jewellery, Paper, Iron, Aluminum industry
  • Default Units of Measure creation
  • Production / Un-assemble
  • Bill of Material, with additional cost on the basis of % / per unit cost / fixed cost
  • Auto Generation of Production Vouchers
  • Physical Stock Verification
  • Auto invoice generation from order to invoice
  • Reorder Status with reminder on Home Page
  • Price List - Multiple Price-levels with applicability period
  • Quick creation of new Price list based on old
  • Party-wise Price structure for Items / Item Groups
  • Item Quantity - wise Price / Discount Slabs
  • Export Price list, MRP List to Microsoft Excel
  • Item History
  • Movement Analysis - for Party-wise / Item-wise /Brand wise / Manufacturer Wise
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Sales register and purchase register
  • Item wise / ledger wise sales analysis and purchase analysis
  • Ageing Analysis of Stock
  • Batch wise / Godown Wise/ category wise /group wise stock summary
  • Item-wise Gross Profit
  • Bills to make summary
Order Processing
  • Pending Sales Orders ( Party-wise / Item-wise )
  • Sales Order-with Batch / Location and Voucher detail
  • Pending Purchase Orders ( Party-wise / Item-wise )
  • Purchase Order-with Batch / Location and Voucher detail
  • Quotation to Sales Order generation
  • Tracking through Receipt Notes / Delivery Notes
  • Rejections Inward / Rejections Outwards
  • Purchase / Sales bill to make report
  • Cleared Purchase order report
Item Kit for Computer Resellers
T++ lets you group multiple items into a kit or bundle that allow your sales staff to quickly add a list of items to an order. Special pricing rules can be applied to kit items. Allow upgrades or downgrades for item kit components during invoicing.
  • Price calculation on the basis of kit items
  • Option to Print item kit details in invoice
Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • VAT Definition at Item level
  • Auto selection of VAT ledger on the basis of the item VAT rate
  • Auto calculation of multiple VAT in invoice
  • VAT Calculation on the basis of MRP
  • Rate inclusive of VAT option
  • VAT Analysis in Invoice Printing
  • VAT Invoicing ( Tax / Retail)
  • VAT Computation / Summary
  • VAT Returns (State-wise)
  • VAT Registers (States-wise)
  • VAT Classification with inbuilt rates of taxes
Letter and Printing
  • Reminder Letters to Party and C Form Receivables reminders
  • Letters of Confirmation of Accounts
  • Customisable Letter formats
  • Selection of Print Templates
  • Cheque Printing
  • DOS printing of all Reports
  • User Definable Access Rights for Every Screen
  • Right to access Create, Alter, Delete, Print
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Data Freezing